Paper Love

If there’s anything that you should know about me, it’s that I have weakness. The top three would be Forever 21 Dresses, DIY projects, and lovely paper. I didn’t realized my love of a paper until college when I had to start buying lots of different papers for projects. For some reason the projects I came up with didn’t need so many supplies … Either way, I got the opportunity to get my hands on all sorts of nice papers and start my own collection.

Print making, one of my favorite classes, was all about paper and how to print on it in different ways. It was so much fun learning all of the techniques and who knows maybe I will pick it back up again.

Since I’m also an avid couponer, I came across a new printing company, Delphine, through


Delphine provides the option of standard printing and letterpress. They have a wide selection of designs that allow you to change colors, fonts, paper, and envelopes.

Although I only mentioned what I consider to be my top 3 weakness, I think I should confess to another. I love, love, love wedding stuff. I love designing all of the paper needs anyone might need for a wedding and then organizing it all in to cute piles. Designing my wedding materials in addition to my sisters kept me delighted for weeks!


Anderson University – Senior Art Show

April 17th Anderson University will be presenting 26 of its finest seniors.

I remember my own show 2 years ago … I’m definitely glad all of the stress is over, but it was a very memorable and exciting time to be at Anderson. Although I don’t miss the deadlines, I do miss the challenging design atmosphere and amazing professors.

Looking forward to seeing the show!


“I need someone to protect me from all the measures they take in order to protect me. ”
— Banksy

I’ve always found Banksy’ art very intriguing. I like that it almost always has some sort of social implication or lesson.  As US history has progressed we do need someone to protect us from the government protecting us. Government protection should end at the doorstep of the Bill of Rights. Since when do I need the government interfering with my day to day activities such as fastening my seat belt or surfing the internet? Is this protection, or is this invasion of privacy?  Maybe it’s just me, but it would seem the government is trying to protect me from myself when really the only protection I need can be found in the Constitution.

For other pictures follow this link.

DIY Bracelet

This looks like such an easy DIY project!

I would love to make myself a bracelet with these and similar geometric patterns and possibly incorporate it into one of my cup design… I think I might could use scraps from a worn out leather purse to do this. If it works out, I’ll make sure to post pics!

Please follow the link for instructions on how to complete the project.

Yet another glorious trip to IKEA



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This morning my husband and I got up and went to Ikea for some extreme shopping! We are in the process of combining offices and turning one of them into a library. You could not imagine how many books an art and history major collect…Anyhow, we are now on our way home with 2 book shelfs, 1 large desk, 1 cube storage unit, 2 small storage units, 1 curtain, and lots of things to help organize! After a lot of hard thinking, we managed to get it all in my VW 🙂