Paper Love

If there’s anything that you should know about me, it’s that I have weakness. The top three would be Forever 21 Dresses, DIY projects, and lovely paper. I didn’t realized my love of a paper until college when I had to start buying lots of different papers for projects. For some reason the projects I came up with didn’t need so many supplies … Either way, I got the opportunity to get my hands on all sorts of nice papers and start my own collection.

Print making, one of my favorite classes, was all about paper and how to print on it in different ways. It was so much fun learning all of the techniques and who knows maybe I will pick it back up again.

Since I’m also an avid couponer, I came across a new printing company, Delphine, through


Delphine provides the option of standard printing and letterpress. They have a wide selection of designs that allow you to change colors, fonts, paper, and envelopes.

Although I only mentioned what I consider to be my top 3 weakness, I think I should confess to another. I love, love, love wedding stuff. I love designing all of the paper needs anyone might need for a wedding and then organizing it all in to cute piles. Designing my wedding materials in addition to my sisters kept me delighted for weeks!


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