Flowers, Bracelets, Sock, Cups …. What’s next?

So, I’ve been a bit busy with all sorts of projects the past week 🙂

First off, I finished a pair of socks I’ve been working on since October for a Christmas gift. This project has taken forever!!! I’m so glad they are finished, and I will post a picture as soon as I am finished blocking them.

Then, I finished making 10 large flowers (23″ in diameter) from paper bags for an anniversary party this past Sunday! Thankfully, I didn’t procrastinate and actually finished them a week early; otherwise, the reception hall might have smelt like a hardware store. In case if anyone is interested in making these avoid white paint. I sprayed three coats on four of them, and I can still see some of the bag through the paint.

This super fun party was decorated and organized by Phyllis Williams who owns Moments by Mavens. Please contact her if you need help planning your next party!








Next, I decided to crochet some bracelets, which were super easy. I had to pick an easy project after those crazy socks. So, I picked something that took an hour tops.  Before I add these to my Etsy store, I have sent my prototype to my sister to test. Hopefully she will let me know how it works out soon.Finally, I’ve started a new set of cups for my Etsy store with some new black puff paint I purchased a month ago. I’ve only finished half of one since I’ve been working on everything else… Hopefully I can find time to work on some more of these soon.


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