Custom Mr. & Mrs. Cups

These are my newest set of Mr. & Mrs. Cups. I made them for a friend to give to a couple getting married this weekend 🙂

I have discovered that I really love doing custom art for these cups. It’s just so fun to make something personalized for newlyweds. I still have and use my set of Mr. & Mrs. cups given to me for my wedding, and I absolutely love them. There is just something special about changing your name from Miss to Mrs.

If anyone is interested in a set for themselves or friends, please contact me through my Etsy Store. I would love make a personalized set for you!

I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!


Enter to Win a Free Bracelet!

Thanks to everyone who has started following my blog! I would like to offer up a free bracelet as a thank you. The winner can specify a size and color. Please take a look at my Etsy store for more details about the bracelet.

Winner will be announced Friday, May 25th.

To enter:

1. Like my facebook page.

2. Leave a note below letting me know you did with your email address.

DIY Table Runner











So, I love DIY projects, which you have probably figured out by now! Well here is a fun and easy one that can be customized to work with any decor. If I decide to tackle this project (and hopefully I will), I will be sure to post pics.

Other than looking at all sorts of DIY self projects on blogs and pinterest, I’ve been crocheting myself out of house and home. I recently purchase a couple of baby patterns from another store on Etsy, and I can’t stop thinking about how many different colors I can make each of them in. I’m definitely won over by the cuteness factor of baby stuff, but I also love how quickly these projects go. If you would to see some of my recent projects, please check out my store.