Trophies by Merijn Hos

This is one of my favorite drawings from Merijn Hos’ series of Trophies. I love the attention to detail and the small imperfections of this hand drawn image. These new shapes and forms are very inspiring and make me want to get back in to drawing on my cups.

To find additional pieces check out his website here.


Flowers, Bracelets, Sock, Cups …. What’s next?

So, I’ve been a bit busy with all sorts of projects the past week 🙂

First off, I finished a pair of socks I’ve been working on since October for a Christmas gift. This project has taken forever!!! I’m so glad they are finished, and I will post a picture as soon as I am finished blocking them.

Then, I finished making 10 large flowers (23″ in diameter) from paper bags for an anniversary party this past Sunday! Thankfully, I didn’t procrastinate and actually finished them a week early; otherwise, the reception hall might have smelt like a hardware store. In case if anyone is interested in making these avoid white paint. I sprayed three coats on four of them, and I can still see some of the bag through the paint.

This super fun party was decorated and organized by Phyllis Williams who owns Moments by Mavens. Please contact her if you need help planning your next party!








Next, I decided to crochet some bracelets, which were super easy. I had to pick an easy project after those crazy socks. So, I picked something that took an hour tops.  Before I add these to my Etsy store, I have sent my prototype to my sister to test. Hopefully she will let me know how it works out soon.Finally, I’ve started a new set of cups for my Etsy store with some new black puff paint I purchased a month ago. I’ve only finished half of one since I’ve been working on everything else… Hopefully I can find time to work on some more of these soon.

Links to Fun Websites













So, I’m a bit of a Typography nut, and I absolutely love the way this website is set up! You scroll through text to navigate the site and ultimately reach the portfolio. What a genius idea!

Once you scroll into the portfolio you find that everything works seamlessly. You can open a project and quickly visit a functional website and then close it to continue viewing other items.

I would love to design a website for myself that functions in a similar way. For now though I will have to stick to my simple website, which still needs some work.

Soleil Noir 2012












The colors in this website are very bright and engaging! What a fun idea.













So I definitely saved the best for last! I love tiny cute monsters and this website is full of them.

Playtend has an App store for kids, and they produce a lot of kid friendly games for the iPad. As a kid and possibly an adult I would love to play the Learn How to Draw, Paper Dolls, Color Book, and several others. The illustrations are so cute and creative!


The past few weeks I’ve really been thinking about how I want to expand my Etsy Store. I think growth is important, so I want to make sure I don’t miss any possible avenues to reach out to my customers.

In particular I’ve been thinking over the possibility of adding more white space and dividing lines to my current designs. The pictures to the left are examples from my sketchbook of what I’ve been thinking over.

In addition to adding more variety  to my designs, I’m also considering adding a wider selection of items. For example, I’ve been thinking about notepads, tape, stickers, stamps, decals, prints, crocheted or knitted items, temporary tattoos, pitchers, plates, shirts, and fabric.

The end goal to all this thought is to hopefully develop my brand on Etsy.  In doing so, I hope to provide customers with more choices and ways to interact with my design…and of course be found by more people!

If any of the new items I listed seem worthy of developing, I would greatly appreciate the feedback! I would especially love to know if you think of something else I didn’t!

Paper Love

If there’s anything that you should know about me, it’s that I have weakness. The top three would be Forever 21 Dresses, DIY projects, and lovely paper. I didn’t realized my love of a paper until college when I had to start buying lots of different papers for projects. For some reason the projects I came up with didn’t need so many supplies … Either way, I got the opportunity to get my hands on all sorts of nice papers and start my own collection.

Print making, one of my favorite classes, was all about paper and how to print on it in different ways. It was so much fun learning all of the techniques and who knows maybe I will pick it back up again.

Since I’m also an avid couponer, I came across a new printing company, Delphine, through


Delphine provides the option of standard printing and letterpress. They have a wide selection of designs that allow you to change colors, fonts, paper, and envelopes.

Although I only mentioned what I consider to be my top 3 weakness, I think I should confess to another. I love, love, love wedding stuff. I love designing all of the paper needs anyone might need for a wedding and then organizing it all in to cute piles. Designing my wedding materials in addition to my sisters kept me delighted for weeks!