Free Fonts

8 New Free Fonts

So, I’m a bit of font junky and would love to create some new cards, tags, stickers, etc with this free font!
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Links to Fun Websites













So, I’m a bit of a Typography nut, and I absolutely love the way this website is set up! You scroll through text to navigate the site and ultimately reach the portfolio. What a genius idea!

Once you scroll into the portfolio you find that everything works seamlessly. You can open a project and quickly visit a functional website and then close it to continue viewing other items.

I would love to design a website for myself that functions in a similar way. For now though I will have to stick to my simple website, which still needs some work.

Soleil Noir 2012












The colors in this website are very bright and engaging! What a fun idea.













So I definitely saved the best for last! I love tiny cute monsters and this website is full of them.

Playtend has an App store for kids, and they produce a lot of kid friendly games for the iPad. As a kid and possibly an adult I would love to play the Learn How to Draw, Paper Dolls, Color Book, and several others. The illustrations are so cute and creative!