Free Fonts

8 New Free Fonts

So, I’m a bit of font junky and would love to create some new cards, tags, stickers, etc with this free font!
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The past few weeks I’ve really been thinking about how I want to expand my Etsy Store. I think growth is important, so I want to make sure I don’t miss any possible avenues to reach out to my customers.

In particular I’ve been thinking over the possibility of adding more white space and dividing lines to my current designs. The pictures to the left are examples from my sketchbook of what I’ve been thinking over.

In addition to adding more variety¬† to my designs, I’m also considering adding a wider selection of items. For example, I’ve been thinking about notepads, tape, stickers, stamps, decals, prints, crocheted or knitted items, temporary tattoos, pitchers, plates, shirts, and fabric.

The end goal to all this thought is to hopefully develop my brand on Etsy.¬† In doing so, I hope to provide customers with more choices and ways to interact with my design…and of course be found by more people!

If any of the new items I listed seem worthy of developing, I would greatly appreciate the feedback! I would especially love to know if you think of something else I didn’t!